How To Edit Your Website

    This document is intended to speed you through the different features on your website, and how to edit or create each of them.


    Table of Contents


    • In left menu, click Pages (This will allow you to view all Pages that are currently built)
    • If you want to build a new page, select Add New
    • Once selected you will be requested to Enter title here for the page. URL will be auto-generated based upon what is entered into the “Enter Title” field. To change, click the Edit button that appears under field
    • Add Header image from Media Library if necessary
    • Enter content into wysiwyg (instructions below)
    • Enter SEO Settings information into the Yoast plugin by clicking the ‘edit snippet’ button
    • To make the page visible in the site’s Main Menu navigation, follow the instructions found in the Menus section below.

    Content Editor (WYSIWYG)

    • Type content directly into the wysiwyg in HTML Fields Tab or copy/paste from word processor with ease.
    • When copying/pasting, ALWAYS use the clear formatting button, or paste directly from a plain text editor (like NotePad/Text Edit).
    • Use special characters button for all special characters. If not, the coding may be different.
    • Use the styles dropdown to select the pre-populated style to your text. Examples are listed in your content styles.

    Font Styles Selection

    • Your pre-styled header options are available via the dropdown menu on the bottom left of your wysiwyg toolbar. Highlight the desired text and then select the desired header style to change font and size.

    Block Quotes In Content Editor

    • Highlight text to be put into block quotes
    • Select block quote button


    • Highlight the word/s which you want to create as a link and clicking on the insert/edit link icon.
    • Enter the destination URL directly into the field or performing search.
    • For internal links, insert page url only (eg: /about). Or search for the page.
    • For external links, insert the entire url ( and click Open in a NewWindow/Tab box. For telephone “click to call” functionality add tel:phonenumber, and email insert
    • To break a link, highlight linked text and click Remove Link button (broken chain). Then click update.

    Inline Images

    • To add an in-line image, place your cursor on the area where the image should appear, and click Add Media button above wysiwyg
    • Click on Add Media to open the media library
    • Scroll to find an image or search using field in top right corner, select it, then click Insert Into Page button
    • Find the image on your computer (EDIT ALL IMAGES IN IMAGE EDITING SOFTWARE BEFORE UPLOADING TO FILEBIN) and upload. Then select the image and click insert.
    • Once the image is in place, click on image to reveal edit toolbar. Choose an alignment and add vertical/horizontal space if necessary.
    • Click Update
    • You can also click the image edit pencil to add a link if you wish.

    SEO Settings

    • Search Engine Listing TabEnter Title tags (max. 70 characters)
    • Enter Meta Description (max. 140 characters)
    • Enter into the Yoast Plugin


    • The press section selected from the left hand toolbar is where you can edit, add, or remove all entries found in the press section of your website
    • Enter your content into the wysiwyg just as you would for a page.
    • Add a date, author name, featured image, and category if applicable from the editor windows to the right of the wysiwyg editor.


    • Manage press categories within the ‘press category’ tab under press. Simply name and add category.


    • The promotion section selected from the left hand toolbar is where you can edit, add, or remove all entries found in the promotions section of your website
    • Enter your content into the wysiwyg just as you would for a page.
    • Add the promotion details, image, and category if applicable from the editor windows to the right of the wysiwyg editor.
    • Add the SEO info and promotion author in the editor beneath the wysiwyg editor.


    • The Salon section selected from the left hand toolbar is where you can edit, add, or remove all entries found in the Salons section of your website.
    • Create a new entry or and add the desired content into the wysiwyg editor, or edit an existing salon entry.
    • Previous salon entries feature an Image Gallery at the top of this wysiwyg editor (reference creating a gallery below)
    • To the right of the wysiwyg editor you’ll find  the following:
      • Salon services – select the services that the salon location offers
      • Salon details – address, google map embed, and video embed
      • Gallery Layout – Enter this snippet into the field ‘[S,S,S][c]’ to mimic other salon entries
      • Salon Hours – enter hours
      • Salon Stylists- assign appropriate stylists to location
      • Featured image – displays on ‘Salons’ landing page

    **If adding a new salon, we encourage you to reference the previous entries to copy layout.

    Salon Services

    • Add or edit salon services under the ‘salons’ tab in the left menu bar
    • Add the service name and description in the appropriate fields
    • Assign to locations through the individual location page

    Media Library

    • Click Media, Library, Add New
    • Drop files into window or click Select Files button
    • To Edit Images or other Media you may view as a list or Media page block View
    • Inside the Media page block, media items are displayed in a thumbnail page block for ease of navigation. Click any media item to edit the image directly; however, we recommend that you use photo editing software like Photoshop before uploading images to Media Library. In this view, you may also edit the image metadata or media item metadata.
    • Media library can be filtered by type or date and is searchable by title

    Add an Image Gallery

    • Above the wysiwyg editor select ‘add media’
    • from the top right, select create gallery
    • Select the images you’d like in your gallery and click insert into post.


    Posts (Blog)

    • In left menu, click posts – this populates your Blog
    • Select Add New
    • Enter Title
      • URL will be auto-generated based upon Title. To change, click the Edit button that appears under field
    • Enter post copy in wysiwyg
      • If copy contains links to outside sites, be sure to create link as Open in new tab.
    • When complete, go to Publish panel
      • You may choose to Save Draft
      • Click Edit link under Save Draft button to set post as Pending Review
      • Visibility: default is Public. To change, click Edit link
      • click OK button to save changes
      • Publish Immediately: can be changed by clicking Edit link
      • Enter publish date, click OK button
    • Preview Draft, or click blue Publish button
    • The Featured image tab to the right of the wysiwyg gives you control over the image (selected from you media library)

    Comments on blog posts:

    • Click Comments
    • Hover over comment
    • Click approve to approve and display comment on site
    • Click disapprove to not display comment on site

    How to turn off blog commenting on blog post:

    • Click Posts
    • Hover over post name and click Quick Edit
    • Uncheck the Allow Comments box
    • Save


    • To edit, add, or remove a stylist from the website, select ‘Users’ from the left menu
    • Select an existing user to edit, or ‘add new’ to add a new stylist
      • Username and login info is only relevant if this person will be editing the website
    • Add name, website (lookbook link), and biographical info as will appear on their stylist page.
    • Add a profile photo under ‘account management’
    • Fill in ‘Additional user info’ that will appear under the stylist name
    • Under ‘Hours’ select a location, day, and time and add to the schedule
    • Under ‘services’ select a specific service from the drop down menus and add to the sylists. Edit the price in the white field.


    • Track and monitor all orders that have been processed through the site through the woocommerce tab from the left menu
    • complete or view orders using the action tab all the way to the right on the order listing page


    • Add, edit, or remove products using the products tab in the left menu bar
    • Enter the product data in the data fields
    • Enter your content into the ‘short description’ and ‘ingredient’ editors
    • To the right, add the product category if relevant and the product imge

    Regular Menu Links

    • When creating your new content, on the left hand side of your page is a box that says “Page Attributes”.  This is how you give your page a place to live on the sitemap.  Give your page a parent if necessary, and provide an order.
      • It’s best practice to order your pages in 10’s so you can easily insert a page if necessary.
    • In left menu, click Appearance then Menus
    • In the Edit Menus tab, choose the menu you would like to edit from “Select a menu to edit:” drop-down menu and click Select
      • “Main Nav (Primary Menu)” is where most pages (top level through sub pages) will be added.
      • “Secondary Nav (Footer Menu)” is what appears at the bottom of the page and should contain only top-level pages.
    • Edit Menu Name in field, if desired (this is not visible on front-end of site)
    • In the “Pages” block on the left, check the page(s) you’d like to add to the menu and click “Add to Menu.” These will appear at the bottom of the “Menu Structure” block on the right.
    • Drag and drop each item into the order you prefer and/or click the arrow on the right of the item to reveal additional configuration options
    • Click blue Save Menu button

    How to add/update Forms:

    • To create new Form, select Forms from the left navigation
    • Select Add New Form
    • Clicking on the Template Field on the left will populate the right side of the window the data needed for the form.
    • Once desired form items are added. Click Save
    • Next select the “Email & Actions” tab
    • Edit redirect, email admin and email user settings for each form
      1. Redirect – redirects to thank you page
      2. Email admin –You can customize the way each submission hits your inbox: from name, address, to email (very important), subject, and fields.
    • The Advanced Settings below the html window allow for additional email parameters to be added. If an auto Reply email, CC or additional email addresses need to be added to the form. Can be done here versus creating new email addresses.
    • Fields marked with an * are required

    Hardcoded Sections

    • Below are a few notes regarding hardcoded or special sections of the website:
      • The pink bar with page options under the header is hard coded and can’t be edited
      • The appearance of the gift cards form selected from the top navigation can’t be editted
      • By selecting ‘services’ from the top navigation, you are directed straight to the services listing on the Lakeview location page (this was done to remove the Lincoln Park services listing which was hard coded)
      Sine Qua Non Gift Cards are a great way to give the gift of Great Hair.
      We pledge to give your special someone the perfect Sine' Experience in our warm and chic salon spaces. You can choose to have a card mailed to recipient ($5 service fee) or send it by email with no fee.
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