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    What is Balayage Hair Color?

    Balayage highlights or Hair Painting has been around for decades but is now becoming the latest trend in the hair industry. Balayage is a french term meaning “to sweep” or “to paint.” Balayage became increasingly popular in the Spring of 2015, finally bringing this great technique to the mainstream. While Balayage has been around for decades, models, musicians and celebrities brought to light the beautiful natural yet bold effect of a masterfully done Hair Painting. This creative way to add dimension to hair is now one of the most sought after hair services in the world.

    Bayalage highlights give you that “lived in” look with the roots remaining deeper and the lightness slowly increasing down the hair strand, as if from the sun. The hair looks natural and soft, with little to no re-growth lines visible. This hair coloring technique is painted on the surface of your hair, with all over color at the roots if needed. Hair stylists use a freehand technique, painting in the highlights usually without tinfoil, to make the hair color blend seamlessly. It takes an artistic eye, and should work with the haircut to enhance every shape.As your natural color grows in, the highlights create a flawless look as it grows out.


    Sine Qua Non Balayage Technique

    Using the best balayage techniques, our Chicago hair stylists consult thoroughly with each guest, deciding on hair colors based on your hair texture and natural shade, your skin and the desired color you desire. We then will bring your hair to lifeby meticulously placing each highlight to accentuate your overall look. Our hair stylists are able to work with any hair color, hair length and hair texture given the right amount of time. Balayage can sometimes be time consuming, so leave 3 hours just in case your color needs time to get as light as you want it. From blonde balayage to ‘bronde’ (dark brown to blonde) balayage, Sine hair stylists have the talent and experience, plus a wealth of knowledge to work with any hair at an affordable cost.


    Best Balayage Maintenance

    Balayage hair coloring was designed to be the most natural, therefore easiest highlighting to maintain. We suggest our clients come back every 6 weeks for a hair trim and for a balayage touch up, every 2 to 3 months.


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