Sine Qua Non provides extensive, well-rounded hair stylist education that combines thorough technical discipline with expansive creativity.


Sine Qua Non offers thorough, comprehensive, and non-departmentalized hair stylist education. Our program is perfect for recent beauty school graduates looking to continue their education and gain the skills needed to become an expert hair stylist. Every stylist at SQN Salons has undertaken and completed our stylist education program.

Our Philosophy on Education: At Sine Qua Non Salons, we believe that continued ongoing education is the key to achieving and sustaining a successful career in the beauty industry. Our hair stylist training program prepares you to be a well-rounded visionary stylist, setting you up for complete success in our industry. Our focus on continued education is the main ingredient of our culture that keeps our work modern, and our clients ecstatic about their hair.

If you would like to observe our education in person, come in and be a model for one of our classes or call Nina (Director of Education) to set up an observation. Students are welcome to stop by any of our locations for a salon tour. To join our Model Project, fill out our Model Call registration form.


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