Style and integrity united.

What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.

Sine essentials provides wellness-based beauty products that combine incredible style and a high quality of ingredients for the health conscious individual. We push the standards of the beauty industry by offering products that perform while minimizing the impact on earth and humanity.

A tale of two healthy hairdressers

Laura Boton


Laura has owned Sine Qua Non Salons since 1993. Her focus on a balanced healthy lifestyle is finally realized in the creation of Siné Essentials.

Brad Hough

Owner / Product Development

Brad has been styling hair at Sine Qua Non Salons since 2004. He began formulating products through his pursuit of knowledge and passion for creating.

Sine essentials began when Laura and Brad realized their shared passion for seeking out the best ingredients in the beauty products they use. They wanted to change the the beauty industry’s paradox of using toxic and harmful ingredients because of their damaging effects on long lasting beauty and health. Siné Essentials is the culmination of Brad and Laura’s love for hairdressing, style, and health.

Essential Ingredients

The ingredients used in our products have been chosen for their ability to deliver great results while maintaining our commitment to create clean and conscious products that are healthy to use.

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