Nov 15 2016

Hairoscope – Scorpio

Scorpio season is here! This strong and ambitious sign loves the limelight, so they’re definitely enjoying their birthday season. Happy birthday Scorpios!

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Jun 30 2015


Cancer is one of the most complex sign of the zodiac– tough on the outside, and incredibly emotional inside. Learn more about Cancer and help us celebrate them in this edition of Hairoscope!

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Jun 13 2015


Happy birthday Gemini! We appreciate your adventurous spirit and thirst for constant change. A very special shout out to our Geminis at Sine Qua Non: Mischa, Alissa, Ava, and Veronica.

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Jan 29 2015


Happy birthday Aquarius! Expect Aquarians to make original, inventive hair choices like a topknot or undercut. This month we celebrate their inner and outer beauty!

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Nov 25 2014


Sagittarius’ are known for being fiercely loyal, independent, and adventurous. Give your hair the same look with bold colors, sharp parts, and whimsical details (yes, that is a braid beard).

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