10 things you never knew about the history of hair

March 2016

The Shocking Facts We never would have never guessed

1. Until 1450, barbers also performed surgery! Aren’t you glad we don’t anymore?


“Barber Surgeon”, by Lucas van Leyden

2. Remember the “bump it“? This volume-boosting device was actually invented in the 1700’s and was usually made of wire. Both men and women rocked “bumps” up to three feet tall!


A man we can assume was the Snooki of his time.

3. Shampoo wasn’t invented until almost 1800– water, powder or wigs were the only methods of hair care until then!


Just your typical wash and style!

4. The first perms took up to 12 hours. We have come a long way in the last 100 years!


A magazine is not going to cut it!

5. The Great Depression was excellent for the beauty industry, with 6 million dollars in service sales during 1936. This is proof positive that feeling beautiful is indispensable!


The popularity of the bob kept women visiting their hairdresser, even during hard times.

6. In the 1950’s, the most popular men’s cut was called the D.A., short for “duck’s ass”. We’re glad this trend has passed!


We can see it!

7. The mullet was actually borne out of the 1970’s, though it wasn’t popular then. This is one part of history we wish we could erase.


Who knew that the seeds for this terrible haircut were sown in the 70’s?

8. The version of curling iron that we recognize today was patented in 1980 by African American inventor Theora Stephens. This opened up a whole world of possibilities for styling!


We owe a lot to this innovative woman!

9. The concept of the “celebrity hairdresser” wasn’t prominent until the 1990’s, when stylists first started charging $300 and up for haircuts.


Celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan with the client who popularized the “Rachel” and made him famous– Jennifer Aniston.

10. Hairdressing is currently one of the fastest-growing job markets, with a mind-blowing 16% increase in hairdressers projected by 2020!


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