July 30, 2016

3 Must-Do Events This August in Chicago

There is absolutely nothing like Chicago summers and August is the perfect time to take advantage of all kinds of great events before heading back to school and embracing fall. All of the below events are open to the public and are totally free. Check them out!

Full Moon Fire Jam



Photography by Aaron Bradley

Monthly, from Spring to Fall, people congregate to celebrate the electricity of the full moon and the power of community. According to the website, “The Full Moon Jams unite performing artists and spectators through a love and appreciation of fire art. Encompassing myriad performance styles and tools, fire dancers from the greater Chicago area and Great Lakes share their creative gifts by the shore of Lake Michigan, set to the percussive beats of local musicians.” What started as a birthday celebration amongst friends in 2004 has now grown into an uplifting ritual for those in the Chicagoland and Great Lakes area.


Key Details:

The next full moon jam is Wednesday, August 16, at 7:00pm. Jams are open the public but you should join the Facebook group in order to receive invites and to RSVP. They are located ¼ mile south of the Foster Ave Turf Fields on the lakefront (the approximate address is 5100 N & Lake Shore Drive, 60640). These events are family friendly, alcohol free, leave-no-trace compliant (meaning leave no garbage behind!), and end promptly at 10:00pm. For more information about attending or performing, visit the website and/or the Facebook page, both linked above.


Northerly By Night



The annual Perseid meteor shower promises an unusual outburst this year as the comet Swift-Tuttle continues its path through the galaxy. Once the tail of the comet enters earth’s atmosphere, the tiny pieces of debris ignite in a display of light across our northern night sky. Because Jupiter’s gravity acts to clump the debris, this year’s shower should be particularly sparkling. Though these can be viewed throughout the month, the Chicago Park District hosts an outdoor viewing event on Northerly Island on what promises to be an evening for a highly-concentrated sky show.
Key Details:
This free, family-friendly event will take place at Northerly Island on Saturday, August 13, from 7:30 – 11:00. The park will be open for a sky-viewing in what promises to be a night of city star-gazing unlike any other. You are encouraged to bring a picnic with marshmallows for the campfire. You can also bring your hiking shoes or a blanket for reclining your eyes skyward. Don’t miss this unique, outdoor, Chicago event.


Broadway in Chicago



Photography by Amy Boyle

Sit or picnic at the iconic Jay Prizker Pavilion at Millennium Park and listen to a collection of famous Broadway tunes including those from Aladdin, The Carole King Musical, Fun Home, The Phantom of the Opera, and many more! This free concert is hosted by Janet Davies of ABC 7 and is presented with The City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. Come if you’re a long-time fan of theatre or simply if you’d like an introduction to some of the greatest show tunes in history.

Key Details:

The concert will take place on Monday, August 15 at 6:15pm at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park (201 E Randolph St). For more event details (as well as details on future events) please visit the official Broadway in Chicago website.

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