July 15, 2014

Backstage With Sine Artistic Team @ R+Co Hair Show

June 29, the Sine Artistic Team had the honor of doing hair backstage for Howard McLaren, a world famous educator, photographer, hairdresser, and a founding creative director for R + Co. Howard is touring the country to promote and educate the industry about his new hair line (Sine Qua Non Salons are currently the only stockists in Chicago to carry R+Co products). At the event, our super team included Trisha Vallone, Carrie Lilligan, Brad Hough, Jessi Seese and Mischa Lisikiewicz, accompanied by salon owner Laura Boton.  Collaborating with Howard and the Sine Team, Douglas McCoy (owner of the soon-to-be House Of POp Salon in Washington) was on site putting his astounding talent to work. Brad at R+Co

Using unusual mediums, we set hair on pieces of wire, perm rods and pipe cleaners. It created unique incredible texture, interesting patterns and huge volume; the result: exquisite modern, distinctive looks.

R+Co Event

The makeup, beautifully done by Trisha (assisted by new makeup artist, Mischa), was evocative and lovely. The models brought Valley Of The Dolls meets pretty Bride of Frankenstein realness. The presentation was flawless. On stage Howard combed out and expanded our work into his creative vision. We look forward to more backstage magic with R + Co in the future. Go Sine!

R+CO Event




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