January 19, 2015


If you haven’t jumped on the glorious Celine Neon train yet, hurry up! These ladies are leaving the station with only glitter, grunge and glamour in their wake.

Maggie Kubley and Emily Nejad have combined to give us Celine Neon. They are truly a gift to the ever growing Chicago music scene. Both women possess beautiful voices that accentuate their grimy pop music. Production is provided by Kubley’s younger brother, Will Kubley.


Celine Neon pride themselves on putting their whole hearts into their music. Although both Kubley and Nejad have been in several bands together, Celine Neon has them in sync like never before. Their live shows can only be described as an intensely theatrical romp through their emotions. Songs like “Getcha Good” carry a deep meaning beneath the catchy beat and hook. While “Depresh” perfectly depicts the feeling of being a youth stuck in Chicago winter.


We cannot talk about Celine Neon without talking about their style. Nejad rocks curly short hair that deserves its own spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. While Kubley’s straight platinum blonde plays the Yin to Nejad’s hair Yang. The ladies rock bright lipstick, bright accessories and occasional wigs in their videos and live shows. Celine Neon’s love of fun is evident in every part of their pop package. From their clothes to their music to their fantastic hair, they’re here to play. And win.

Vivian Ellis is a Salon Coordinator by day and stalker of music by night. When not performing herself, she works at the historical iO theatre. Providing lights and sound for many a comedy shows.
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