October 17, 2014


Who says that New York has the best fashion?

Chicago streets are littered with interesting people who aren’t just fashion forward, but trendsetters. At Sine, we pride ourselves on servicing people who care about making a statement, live outside the box, people who are indispensable.

Don’t believe us? Below are a few of our favorite fashion blogs and bloggers that, surprise, are all right here in Chicago.

imperCasey, from Imperfect Wonder (featured image).

” I believe that your hair doesn’t have to be perfect or your make-up flawless to look good. I prefer the messy pieces of life rather than the buttoned-up facade; although, that can be beautiful too. For me, it’s all about the presence and mood you invoke in a room. I love visuals that move me which led me to an obsession with fashion and style blogs.”






Emma, from Trés Awesome.

“I started Trés Awesome as a creative personal project and way to showcase the fabulous style of Chicagoans in a city that is often overlooked when it comes to fashion.I want people to read my blog, not only to look at the pictures, but to find inspiration in them. I would love it if my blog could encourage people to be more comfortable experimenting with style and self-expression!”





HEidieHeidy Best, from BECLOTHESMINDED.

“Heidy has been organizing closets, wardrobe styling, and personal shopping in Chicago since 2001. Early in her career she worked with several producers at Harpo by organizing their closets. This led her to style various episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show. She worked with Kelly Clarkson, Leann Rimes, Tim Gunn, Jonathan Adler, Liz Lange, and Dr. Oz during these segments. Heidy continues to dress some of Chicago’s most stylish men and women for various editorial publications.”




wolfeAnna Schowe, from The Whiskey Wolf.

“The Whiskey Wolf is a wicked cocktail of personal style and fashion inspiration. The Whiskey Wolf was poured up one day when I finally realized I wanted to have a creative outlet all my own to share my fashion journey. I grew up outside Chicago, went to Iowa State University, studied abroad at The London College of Fashion, interned in LA, moved to Nashville and now am back in Chicago while I plan my next adventure.

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