June 5, 2015


Fashion has seen a huge 90’s resurgence over the last several years, and this summer’s trends are a continuation of this nostalgia. We’re seeing tons of halter tops, chokers, and mini backpacks already and it’s only June! Some of these trends are practical and timeless, but many are as dated as a Lisa Frank puffy sticker. Read on to find out how to responsibly wear #flashbackfashion.

We love a classic halter top with a high neckline. It doesn’t have to be strappy or floral– the 90’s trend is best executed with a light hand. Stick with updated patterns or neutrals to avoid looking like an extra in She’s All That.


We are unenthused by the resurrection of the choker. Nothing feels worse than being lightly throttled by a necklace all day, especially in the middle of summer. We love layering necklaces, but can’t find a way to work a choker in without summoning the entire Clueless movie. Buy one if you must, but beware– butterfly clips are right around the corner.


Backpacks: Fashionable, miniature backpacks will have a place in our hearts for the foreseeable future. Almost as functional as a Jansport but much more versatile, mini backpacks are the perfect, hands-free alternative to a purse. Buy yourself a backpack and you’ll find that all of your favorite summer activities are that much easier!

backpackWhen it comes to summer fashion trends, embrace the 90’s revival with a critical eye. Some #flashbackfashion is timeless and functional, and some is impractical and dated (RIP jellies…).


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