December 4, 2015

Five Favorites: December Hair

Happy December one and all! The holiday season is finally upon us, and with it another set of our favorite haircuts, styles, and colors created lately at Sine Qua Non Salons.

Lizzie channeled her inner Jem Hologram vixen for this killer blue color!

Lizzie channeled her inner Jem Hologram vixen for this killer blue color!

First on the list of cold-weather ‘do’s to envy is Lizzie, client of Mischa‘s at Sine Qua Non‘s West Town location. Mischa gave Lizzie a gorgeous teal balayage and haircut inspired by Jem and the Holograms! Channeling her inner Hologram vixen with a blend of vibrant, gemstone turquoise balayage, Lizzie’s color is complete with an overlay of her natural tones. This, Mischa says, creates a low maintenance, modern wash of 80’s realness without harsh outgrowth. She’s truly (truly) outrageous!

And Lizzie wasn’t the only one embracing creative coloring this December– Colleen, client of Bryan‘s at Sine Qua Non West Town, had a total hair transformation and walked away with a fantastic purple balayage!

We're in love with Colleen's purple tresses!

We’re in love with Colleen’s purple tresses!

Bryan utilized a natural brown base for this look, and then applied an all-over Pravana purple color throughout the hair that blends beautifully. A long layered cut helps showcase the dimension in this dazzling color, and Bryan encouraged Colleen’s natural wave in styling as well. Using Bumble and bumble‘s Cityswept Finish to accentuate this texture and R and Co‘s Death Valley Dry Shampoo for added grip and body, Bryan made sure Colleen left looking edgy and beautiful.

Carrie gave Wendy a dazzling classic bob that compliments her natural curl!

Carrie gave Wendy a dazzling classic bob that compliments her natural curl!

And speaking of natural texture, stylist Carrie of Sine Qua Non Lakeview showcased a perfect haircut for natural curls this week! Wendy, Carrie’s client, had been fighting frizz and overgrown volume with her curls. To clean things up, Carrie used a classic graduated bob sectioning, and made Wendy’s shape soft and airy by using a straight razor. She followed up the basic bob structure with scissors to put in layers and strengthen the overall shape. “I’m all for classic shapes made new with the razor!” says Carrie. Wendy’s end result is a stylish cut that matches her lovely smile!


Cynthia’s close-cut, feminine pixie is stunning!

Back in West Town, Sine Qua Non‘s junior stylist Libby gave soft and shaggy a whole new meaning with her client Cynthia. Libby updated Cynthia’s mane by taking a full four inches of length off and creating an extraordinarily wearable pixie cut. Despite its shortness, the softness and subtle wave make this a uniquely feminine haircut; Halle Berry‘s infamous short ‘do served as inspiration. Libby used Bumble and bumble‘s Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, which is a salon favorite at SQN, to help volumize before styling. The silk proteins contained in this formula actually cause hair to bounce and lift apart when drying! Cynthia’s natural texture is fairly wavy despite its fineness, and R and Co‘s One Prep finishing spray was the final touch on this gorgeous pixie! 

Nate took freehand hair painting to a whole new level with A.J.'s balayage!

Nate took freehand hair painting to a whole new level with A.J.’s balayage!

Last but certainly not least was Andersonville‘s stylist Nate, who gave his client A.J. the blonde balayage and cut of her dreams. Nate used the freehand hair painting technique that’s currently sweeping Chicago for these sun-kissed highlights, and the result was gorgeous golden honey tresses. The long layered, low maintenance cut that Nate then delivered compliments this color perfectly. To style, Nate blew out A.J.’s locks straight with Bumble and bumble‘s Styling Lotion (a great choice for color treated hair), and then added the luxurious waves. By wrapping sections of hair around an iron and utilizing Bumble and bumble‘s Does It All hairspray, Nate was able to give A.J. the perfect touch of pre-holiday charm.

Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the five favorites excitement this holiday season! Stop by any of our Sine Qua Non locations in Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Andersonville, or West Town, and let SQN‘s stylists help make your December exquisite!

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