September 10, 2014

The Full Brow

by Anne Economakos


Fall 2014 is still all about the full brow. And the fuller the better!

Pretty much every single client who sits in my chair is pining for fuller brows these days. I often have to tell them that I’m an esthetician, not a magician, and that growing fuller eyebrows is an epic (and painful) exercise in patience and discipline. You need to put down those tweezers and toss those magnifying mirrors! Sometimes, however, the damage is already done. (Dear 1990s, Thank you very much.)

Full BrowThat being said there are remedies. For the average brow obsessed gal, there are products like the over-the-counter regrowth serum RevitaBrow Advanced and the prescription eyelash growth medication Latisse. And for the hardcore brow junkies there are eyebrow extensions and transplants. (Yes, seriously.)

In the meantime, don’t despair. I’m here to help! Your eyebrows need a little extra love and tenderness when struggling to achieve that full brow look. Along with highly strategic hair removal, there are options like eyebrow tinting to make even the most barren of brows look a bit plumper. And bring in that makeup bag full of frustrating eyebrow styling pencils, powders, putties, and gels. I’ll actually show you how to use them.

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