June 27, 2015

Hair Myths: Ask Us Anything!

Many of our clients come to us with hair questions, so our team of experts chose some of the most frequently asked questions to answer. Our mission is to make great hair possible for everyone! read on to see if we debunked any your hair myths…

Should I still get my hair cut if I am growing out a short cut?

Not often. Only to bring a shape back, take out weight or to texturize (when it starts to drive you nuts.)Growing-out-a-pixie

How often should I wash my hair after I have had it colored?

No more than every other day. The longer you go without washing, the better. Every three days is good.

Should I use conditioner at my roots or just the ends?

If you have dry hair and/or you don’t get super oily quickly you can condition roots to ends. Otherwise ends only is good too.


What is clarifying shampoo and how do I know if I need it?

Clarifying shampoo is meant to be used no more than once a week. It’s good for getting rid of buildup (from products/oils) on the hair.

av_AJ20_185What is a co-wash product and how should I use it?

Co-wash is a cleansing conditioner that can be used in between shampoos. Wet the hair and lather it into the hair like you would with a shampoo.

How often should I trim my bangs?

Whenever they start to drive you crazy.

tonicHow do I get rid of dandruff? 

Bb Tonic is excellent for your scalp thanks to the tea tree oil in it. Also, putting oil on your scalp overnight can be very helpful!

ws_Pretty_Redhead_Hair_in_Sunlight_2560x1600Should I use sunscreen on my scalp?

If you have fine hair or if your scalp tends to burn during the warm months, yes.

What temperature should I set my hair straightener to?


Try not to go higher than 350 degrees. If you are doing your own hair for a special occasion, 400 degrees is okay, but do NOT go that high every time! And always, always use heat protection.

How often should I change the shampoo and/or conditioner that I use?

If something works for you, you don’t necessarily need to switch it up– however our hair’s texture and needs can change (for example, getting a color or keratin treatment might make it necessary to use a different shampoo/conditioner.) It varies person to person, so it is best to ask your stylist what they specifically recommend for you!

Is it bad for your hair to put it up while it is wet?

Hair is most fragile when wet– the elastic can cause strain and lead to breakage. Try not to do this too often!

Should I wash my hair before an up-do or braid?

The day before, yes.


Should I wash my hair before I come in for color?

No, unless it is super sweaty or dirty for some reason.

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