October 31, 2014

Halloween Costume Confusion?

Come in to any of our locations for hair transformations to go with your costumes!

That little black Givenchy dress with the pearls and gloves from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. LOVE.








‘Grease is the Word’ this Halloween, with biker leathers on every hipster, John Travolta’s duck -ass hairdo and flood pants with white socks is an easy an perfect last minute get up.










Oh Fred, have a tuxedo handy, and some R+Co Continental Styling Wax?

Ginger’s finger-waves and pin-curls are great for 40’s hair styles. Pair it with any fitted dress or mens wear for women.










Speaking of men’s wear, who doesn’t use Diane Keaton’s iconic Annie Hall as a reference and amazing fashion moment. All you need are khakis and a big tie, black vest, button down. Go raid your man’s closet and walk out in style!









Last but not least, skinny pants, mop top haircuts and pointy booties, we see that walking around Logan Square every day! Ladies go for the androgynous easy look by doing a faux hairstyle this weekend. Tuck up the back and swoop the top! Voila!









Have fun whatever you do this weekend! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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