October 19, 2015


Let our talented makeup artists Dahlia and Rebecca get you ready for Halloween!



1. Curl or crimp all of your hair

2. Tease it!

3. Pin hair back, leaving sideburn sections out.

4. Use the hair from the sideburn sections to create a zig-zag line. Secure with hair pins.

5. Spray hair black with aerosol chalk spray. Spray zig-zagged lines white.


1. Paint face, neck, and any visible skin purple.

2. Use a darker shade of purple to contour cheeks, nose and forehead.

3. Use the darker purple to shade the eye crease, extending the shading to the hairline.

4. Use black eye shadow to draw a line under the dark purple crease shadow. Extend the line all the way to the hairline.

5. Apply white eye shadow below the black shadow from step #4.

6. Line lower eyelids with dark purple shadow.

7. Using a dark black liner, line eyes and extend to hairline. Line waterline and lower lids as well.

8. Fill in eyebrows with dark gray shadow and extend eyebrows to hairline.

9. Apply lots of mascara.

10. Add vampy lipstick of your choice!



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