October 10, 2015


At Sine Qua Non Salons, we believe that creativity goes beyond art museums and symphony halls: it’s a part of who we are! Whether creating gorgeous hairstyles or pursuing their own brand of self expression, there’s no doubt that the Sine Qua Non family is one of artists. This week, we talked to Roy’el Hill, front desker and dancer, about her creative endeavors.

SQN: How did you first become involved in dance?

Roy’el: I began dancing in church at eight years old, but I did not get serious about dance until sophomore year of high school. I wanted to be a graphic designer until that point. I was on the high school dance team and I realized that dance was something I really enjoyed.

SQN: What are you working on right now?

Roy’el: I have been the assistant coach of the Lane Tech High School dance team for the past year. I am an instructor at Precision One Dance Studio, and this fall, I will be a rehearsal director for the chair of the dance department at Columbia College Chicago. And as of August 2015, I became a member of BOOM CRACK! Dance Company, an urban contemporary company in Chicago.

SQN: What do you think dance does for us as a community? For the world?

Roy’el: Dance is an amazing outlet. It gives people the chance to express themselves without words. We are born moving and it’s something that everyone can do. It is also totally universal! Dance is everywhere and it is loved all over the world.sine-qua-non-salon-blog-post-roy'el-draft

SQN: Is there a particular artist or group that inspires you?

Roy’el: BOOM CRACK! Dance Company inspires me all the way. I never imagined when I first started training that I would be where I am today. Prior to joining the company, I took three summer intensives and trained with the artistic director and founder, Trae Turner, for a year straight. I think the company and all their directors have an amazing ability to see in people what they can’t see in themselves. They push you and encourage you to be the best dancer possible, regardless of what you may think of yourself. Being in the company now only inspires me to keep training and growing as a dancer.

SQN: Is hair a component in the art of dance?

Roy’el: Hair is a part of the costume! Whether it is a specific style or not, it can still change or complete your look. Depending on what a show is about, you can totally change your hair and become a “different” person. It’s such a fun thing to be able to instantly change up a look even if it’s just for a moment. There are also moments in choreography when “hair-ography” is involved. So hair is literally a part of the movement at times. The occasional hair whip is always appreciated!

Work it! Photo credit: Nathan Lee

Work it! Photo credit: Nathan Lee

Roy’el’s Precision One Dance Project is scheduled to open in late September 2015 in Hickory Hills, and BOOM, CRACK!‘s annual winter show (December 11th and 12th) is sure to be a spectacle. Don’t miss the chance to see Roy’el in action, and stop by Sine Qua Non Salon to say hello!

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