January 10, 2016

Goodbye and Thank You Kimberly!

Today we say goodbye to our stylist Kimberly as she heads to Asheville, North Carolina for an amazing next chapter of her life.


Fellow stylist Carrie working on her God’s Eye

Kimberly was Sine Qua Non’s first employee and has been with us for 22 years. Over her time at Sine, she has built a loyal and steadfast clientele who will miss her just as much as we will! Kimberly has a keen eye for artistry and a gift for the “rock and roll hair” that is such a part of Sine Qua Non’s vision. A talented hairdresser and a great listener, her absence in the salon will be felt deeply.

Kimberly is a truly creative being and her love of art and music is evident in her work. If you have ever seen Kimberly’s fine art, you know how multifaceted she is. She has displayed her paintings at our Lincoln Park salon and has curated many rotating exhibits. We will never forget how Kimberly taught all of her colleagues how to make God’s Eyes for display in the salon. Some of us began this task wary and unenthused, but by the time we saw how much care Kimberly put into it, we were glad we participated.



“Without People You’re Nothing”– captured outside of Delilah’s at our most recent holiday party.

Kimberly’s love of her coworkers and friends is something else. She is an incredible team worker and would help sweep and fold towels if necessary, despite being one of our most senior and tenured stylists. She is a generous and thoughtful gift giver– almost all of us have some fabulous item that used to live in Kimberly’s closet. A protective and supportive colleague, Kimberly is quick to welcome new employees, many of whom became fast friends. Her loyalty to her loved ones and to the salon is unsurpassed.

With love and luck, we say “see you soon” to our beautiful, dear friend Kimberly. Thank you for spending so much time with us.



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