May 14, 2015


Today we’re talking to West Town’s resident braid expert and all-around sweetheart Jessi! Read on to discover her inspirations, favorite local shops, and worst hair moment!

SQN: What is your favorite Chicago neighborhood and why?

Jessi: West Town! (Not because I work here : )) It’s a very diverse, eclectic area. Lots of Mom & Pop shops and restaurants. West Town is not as popular as Wicker Park, it’s like a hidden gem.

SQN: What is your favorite summer festival?

Jessi: I don’t have one. I like them all, the people watching is superb!

SQN: What’s your hometown?

Jessi: Logan, UT.

SQN: Who is your current style icon, inspiration or time period that is influencing your personal style?

Jessi: I would say a mix between Emma Stone, Gwen Stefani and Olivia Wilde. I like the girl-next-door look with a classic feel and a twist of edginess.

SQN: Why do you love doing hair and/or what made you want to start doing hair?

Jessi: I love doing hair because ultimately I get to put smiles on everyones faces and make them feel better about their appearance. I love that it’s always changing and reflecting individuals’ creative ideas. 

SQN: What is your favorite hair trend that your clients have been requesting this season?

Jessi: I love that people are finally embracing TEXTURE!! It’s so fun and easy and unique to the individual. You can set yourself apart with some great texture.

SQN: What is one hair trend you are glad is gone?

Jessi: Curled bangs. If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you know what I mean, yikes!

SQN: What is your idea of a perfect day?

Jessi: Sleeping in, coffee on the couch with my man and our pups, pancakes and then an afternoon hike in the sun, followed by a tasty dinner date night.

SQN: What are you currently listening to?IMG_7202

Jessi: I’ve been in a hip hop/dance phase for a while, mostly because I need the motivation at the gym.
SQN: Where is your favorite place to shop locally?

Jessi: Study Hall on Chicago Avenue, it’s steps away (from the salon.) She has quality, stylish stuff and it’s easy– I don’t wanna search!

SQN: Three words that best describe you?

Jessi: Authentic, creative, passionate.

SQN: What was your best/worst/most embarrassing/weirdest hairstyle? 

Jessi: The best was during the last year and a half. The worst was my senior year of high school (first year of beauty school.) I had a helmet. There is no other way to describe it. Blonde, overly big, overly hair-sprayed helmet. 

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