October 6, 2014


To the band, the FIXX, I Love you.

Hey there, It’s me, Laura B, owner of Sine Qua Non Salons.
I consider myself a musician first, a hairdresser second, and a salon owner third. My primary influence is 70’s prog music, therefore I pass judgments’ and have high expectations (usually unmet) by the bands of today.

Which brings me to the point of this post:
The FIXX, one of the best bands still playing and writing from the 80’s, and I think, one of the most under appreciated. I recently saw them live at Mayne Stage, in Rogers Park, a mile away from my house. This great but small new-ish venue was half filled, (sad face) but the crowd was roaring with appreciation. This was a truly great show. Bright, clear and spot on vocals, with layers of beautiful instrumentation, on top of killer grooves from the guitar and bass.

The Fixx1 The FIXX has everything I love, great melodies, danc-ey beats, insightful lyrics and cute british boys that don’t take themselves too seriously on stage.

Now, I can see how you might be annoyed by Cy’s dramatic vocal stylings, and all those pads filling up space, but that is the FIXX , they invented that sound in their day. I loved their new album tracks from 2012’s Beautiful Friction and this blog is a huge “Thank you” to the FIXX, for inspiring my belief that great music can uplift your heart, make you stand up and dance, and keep that fantasy alive for skinny british boys who command the stage at any age. Bravo.

Love, Laura

Download Beautiful Friction on Amazon and iTunes.

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