May 12, 2014 Sylvan Esso band



Bands come in all shapes and sizes and Sylvan Esso is a simple package; Amelia Randall Meath and Nicholas Sanborn. Nothing more and nothing less.

The story goes that Amelia and Nick never began their journey with the intent to become a band, but rather crossed paths and collaborated on “Play It Right” after Amelia had written the song and asked him to mix it with all creative freedom.. Sometimes things are just meant to be. Sometimes things just make sense without much effort and I think that effortless (not careless) quality is what really draws you in.

As you listen to Sylvan Esso you can easily appreciate the simplicity that has been created by this duo. Their sounds are perfectly arranged in an almost dream-like quality. Gentle dubstep and subtle electropop layered with Amelia’s majestic voice seem to sync almost all too well.  There is a bitter sweet vibe that has you begging for summer to finally get here to enjoy backyard hangs with friends while holding a drink and sweating just a bit too much for comfort. That sleepy, bliss-like state you encounter that makes you wonder if this is real life. “Sylvan Esso acknowledges that the world is a tumult of complications by giving you a way to sing and dance with those troubles, if not to will them away altogether. There is sensuality and sexual depravity, homesickness and wanderlust, nostalgia and immediacy” .. a perfect way of describing the emotions their sounds evoke. If you’ve ever felt music, you know exactly what I’m saying here.

While Sylvan Esso are the new kids on the block, after one listen you will easily understand why there are compared with bands like Wild Belle and Gardens & Villa who are no strangers to the music game.

Their first album drops tomorrow (5/13/14) and we are honestly at the edge of our seats with anticipation. You can pre-order their self titled album here: In the mean time, here is their single “Coffee” to hold you over.

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