May 18, 2015


Summer in Chicago is about one thing: live music. Each neighborhood has their own unique venues, reflecting the vibe of the people and the sounds of season. Empty Bottle in West Town has been a stapleemptyBottle_magnum of the Chicago music scene since 1992. The drinks are cheap, the music is good and there’s a rumor that you are still allowed to smoke in the basement…

One band playing the Empty Bottle this summer is local act Antony and the Tramps. With roots in Chicago’s D.I.Y music scene, the band has gained quite the following in recent years. This summer they will be headlining at all sorts of venues, from the Empty Bottle to Taste of Chicago. Together since 2011, this band loves mixing old and new sounds to create what they call, “masculine grooves and feminine melody”.


Their new album, “Digital Arms” totally nails the group’s mission statement. Keeping in touch with their D.I.Y roots, the band built their own studio in the Redlight Warehouse here in Chicago.  The ownership over their creative process and sound is evident on the album. Their first single, “Peach Eye Curl” plays like you are hearing it directly out of Antony’s bedroom. The music feels close to you, the electronic beats keeping time with your heart and the electric guitar pulsing through your veins. The album pours emotion through each track, switching between vulnerability and commanding seamlessly. “Digital Arms” has only been released to the public since the start of May and is already being hailed as “triumphant” for the band.

Mix Antony and the Tramps, the Empty Bottle, a cheap drink and you have a perfect summer pairing.

Antony and the Tramps will be performing at the Empty Bottle on June 13th.

Vivian Ellis is a Salon Coordinator by day and stalker of music by night. When not performing herself, she works at the historical iO theatre. Providing lights and sound for many a comedy shows.

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