September 29, 2015


The SQN Angels can not stop working for The Weeknd! Rather, Singer/songwriter Abel Tesfaye, better known by his stage name “The Weeknd.” With “Beauty Behind the Madness” blasting through our locations, we know exactly which direction we are headed.


The Weeknd blends classic R&B sounds with a more modern electronic backing music. He is undeniably male, his songs ooze dominance and power. Making him the perfect choice for 50 Shades of Grays, “Earned It” a song so smooth it could convince anyone to try a little kink. Beauty behind the Madness takes us through The Weeknd’s drug addled mind easily through his smooth crooning. One of the more introspective songs on the album, “The Hills” gives us the push and pull feeling of love and other drugs. The Weeknd is a man on the prowl, not looking for love. He loves a woman’s touch but only with no strings attached. And maybe some pills mixed in. Of course, we cannot continue without discussing, “I can’t feel my face.” This is the anthem the EDM crowd has been waiting for. A celebration of nightlife and its many temptations. Parental warning for how catchy this song is!


Besides turning out sultry hits, The Weeknd is also known for how he styles his hair. Defying the pressure put on African American hair to conform to white beauty standards, The Weeknd does his hair his way. It is a declaration and a protest against a society trying to define him. We at Sine take pride in providing all of our clients with hair that illustrate their personal style, never someone else’s definition.


This fall The Weeknd will embark on his first major tour, alongside fellow dark pop artists Travis Scott and Halsey. If his set at Lollapalooza was a preview of his shows to come, you will not want to miss it.

Vivian Ellis is a Salon Coordinator by day and stalker of music by night. When not performing herself, she works at the historical iO theatre. Providing lights and sound for many a comedy shows.

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