March 2, 2020

New from Oribe: Silverati Illuminating Masque and Pomade

Oribe’s brand new Silverati products have arrived! Adding to the existing shampoo and conditioner, the Silverati line is specially formulated for silver, gray and white-toned hair. Hair that’s in this color family can often feel brittle or coarse, and can look yellowish or dull at times. Whether natural or dyed, your silver locks deserve special attention! Read on for the run-down on these brand new products.

Oribe’s Silverati Illuminating Pomade is a low-hold, shine-enhancing product that’s great for everyone. It’s a flexible pomade, specially formulated for silver, gray or white tones. It contains unique silver pigments which highlight and add glossy shine, while conditioning agents revitalize brittle strands. This even works on blonde hair to really make highlights pop!


The Silverati Illuminating Treatment Masque transforms gray, silver and white stands with its powerfully moisturizing formula. Ultra-softening, it restores strength, elasticity and shine while calming and hydrating dry scalp. It corrects yellow tones and leaves your locks beautifully illuminated.

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