Anne Guides Refinery 29 on Experimental Brow Trends

May, 2011

Anne talks to Refinery29 about the bold brow trends of tinting and bleaching.

Trying out new beauty trends should typically involve some one-on-one time with a professional. We wouldn’t send you out into the world with runway-style bleached brows without first giving you advice on how to do it, and a good hard look at whether or not your brows are even worthy candidates. It’s not like a set of highlights, bleached brows are front and center on your face. Sine Qua Non salon, aside from being one of our local faves, also prides itself on eyebrow mastery. We chatted with Anne Economakos of Sine Qua Non to hear the real deal on this…experimental brow trend.

Click here to read Anne’s tips to take on brow trends.

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