Beauty Girl Blog reviews Sine Qua Non’s Lash Tinting

May, 2012

Beauty blogger, Nicole Pearl, writes about her experience at Sine Qua Non with the new beauty trend, lash tinting.

Well, I was back at Sine Qua Non salon (this time for a haircut) and decided to get my lashes tinted on a whim. I always wondered and finally did it. Word on the street was that when you darken your eyelashes you’ll find there’s no need to apply mascara. Unless you want that inky lash look, which is always pretty for a night out, tinted lashes means you can put down your wand for about 6 weeks, which is how long it generally takes for the dye to fade. I had to see for myself.

To find out Nicole’s verdict on the service, click here to read on.

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