David shows Refinery 29 a Brigitte Bardot Tutorial

Mar, 2012

David Noll shows Refinery 29 step-by-step how to achieve the sexy Brigitte Bardot look for your next night out.

Anyone looking to put a little more “babe” in their weekend beauty routine should watch the video below. Sine Qua Non, the local salon chain rapidly winning us over with their hair tutorials, just shared a video on how to achieve a¬†Brigitte Bardot-inspired blowout. This is a mega-volume ‘do that doesn’t tread into dangerous “Is she wearing a bump it?” territory. There is teasing involved (calm down) and some serious hair product, so give yourself a little extra time to prep for your night out if you try this. Trying something new is worth the extra effort, non?

Click here to watch the video and get the Bardot look for tonight.

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