November 7, 2014


“Remi Canarie is a fashion brand designed by Lisa Panza and Liz Patelski. The duo graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011. Their mission is to make clothing for the ambitious modern woman that inspires fearlessness and evokes individual strength and intelligence. They pull from multiple references to design clothing that is defined by the will to pursue awesomeness: The American Dream, Manifest Destiny, superhero athletes, brilliant minds, and vast landscapes.” – 

carnainalIn February, Chicago Magazine ran a piece on this unbelievable brand and I have had my eye on them ever since. Their commitment to bold, wearable garments  make their collections pop. Who wouldn’t want to look stylish & chic whilst maintaining comfort?

Bold prints and unique texture combinations produce clothing that is sophisticated and distinguished. Trousers, silk blouses, knit sweaters paired together bear an androgynous, blasé feel; yet uphold fashion suitable for any occasion.

The photographs are looks from their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection.

If you too love Remi Canarie and are interested in purchasing their clothing, check out their website here. Their 2015 Spring/Summer collection is absolutely worth the look over.

Happy Friday, style on.

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