May 16, 2014 Seen at Sine, Cole Doman


Chicago’s streets are loaded with unique fashion innovators. We staff our salons with individuals who hone their own fashion sense and appreciate the art of style.

This week we spotted Cole, a young actor in the Chicago theatre scene, and we couldn’t help but snap a photograph. White pants BEFORE Memorial Day are okay with Cole, so long as you are sporting a vintage mesh jersey top to complete the look. “Just a typical night out for me,” Cole joked, “but really.” Cole, Sine Qua Non commends you for your bold choices.

Cole doesn’t discriminate when shopping; he likes all types of clothing stores in Chicago, but his favorite vintage boutique is koko-rokoko (where is top is from). They specialize in vintage clothing from the 80’s and 90’s.

Cole lives in Lakeview, can’t stop listening to Miasma by Baths, and his favorite artist is John Grant. We are pretty inspired by Cole’s diverse music and fashion sense. You can catch him in playing Balladeer in Kokandy Productions’ Assassinsat Theater Wit in June. 

Style on.  

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