December 23, 2019


Today we’re talking to color expert and Lakeview baddie Lauren. Find out what inspires her, and what hair cut she is secretly dying to give you! Book with her to experience her hair magic yourself.

Why did you become a hairdresser? 

I became a hairstylist because I knew college wasn’t for me. I loved doing makeup in high school, so beauty school seemed like the next natural step. When I went to beauty school, the focus was much more on hair rather than makeup, and I fell in love with it! I never expected to be a hairstylist but now I can’t imagine not being one.


Why did you want to work at Sine?

I wanted to work here because of Sine Qua Non’s reputation for having an excellent training program and continuing education. I’m education obsessed…I think in our industry once you stop learning, you lose your edge. Sine’s commitment to education aligned with my core values as a hairstylist!


What is your current favorite haircut or color to do?

My favorite color to do is anything that is a challenge– I love a dramatic before and after! Achieving people’s hair color dreams makes me so happy.

For haircuts, I love chopping someone’s hair into a bob! Once you get that perfect length, there is nothing cuter or more chic. I also love cutting mullets so if anyone wants one…  you know where to find me 💁🏼‍♀️


What do you do for creative inspiration?

For creative inspiration I do anything that re-energizes me and clears my head– I love to go for runs or take my daughter to do something fun that she’s never done before. I also get my creative inspiration from my clients themselves– I take face shape, personal style, etc. into consideration when coming up with color and cut ideas.

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