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January 2017

ashley“When Ashley first came in she had some outgrowth, as well as some fashion color left from the previous time we did her hair. I went through and touched up her roots and pulled some lightener through to remove some of the previous color. There was some purple left in it and I wanted a fresh canvas. I use Olaplex on Ashley every time because it’s an insurance policy to make sure her hair is as happy and healthy as it can be, considering her hair’s fine texture. She was looking for a dimensional look. She wanted to have more pinks and purples in it, but we used blue as well. She wanted variation as opposed to being one solid color, for more depth. For Ashley’s haircut, she likes to have a very simple bob. Despite her fine texture, she likes to see movement in it. To achieve this, I do a lot of texturizing and deep point cutting. She likes to wear her hair messy. I used Bumble and bumble Repair Blow Dry to style, and sprayed some Dry Spun to finish. Bumble and bumble Repair Blow Dry insures she always get the moisture she needs, and makes the hair super soft without extra weight, especially after such a strenuous color process. If you want hair like Ashley’s, you need to make sure you’re using color-safe shampoo and conditioner at home. If you’re addicted to using hot tools, make sure to use the appropriate heat protectant. Going as long as possible between shampoos is recommended.”  –Libby, rainbow hair wizard



“We’ve been steadily lightening Lauren’s hair for a year, from a rich chocolate brown to what you see pictured. She is naturally blonde, so we wanted to transition her hair to be more low maintenance. We have slowly but surely lightened her hair to this champagne-y, dusty blonde. I did babylights (super fine highlights) and balayage (hair painting), then we tone her. We use a crystal, champagne blonde toner to get that shine and iridescent glow. I use Olaplex on Lauren because the integrity of her hair is compromised from the change in color. We dust the ends of her hair every six weeks and only do heat styling on her when she’s here to avoid damage. I used Oribe’s Apres Beach Wave Spray to make her hair shiny, piecey and dimensional. It’s the ‘essential ingredient’ in Lauren’s journey to blonde is patience on her part and mine, because blonde doesn’t happen overnight. Through diligent trims and treatments, we have gotten her safely to the blonde she wants without losing any hair.” –Mischa, the blonde whisperer


lesley“When Lesley came in, her hair was kind of limp and lifeless. She has been growing it out and got sick of the in-between stage. She wanted dip-dyed blonde hair, so this is kind of an updated version of that. We have always done a bang on Lesley, she loves having bangs. We gave her something a bit more edgy than she’s used to this time. We shortened up her bang quite a bit, and gave her some ombre-style balayage to lighten up the ends so she could feel she had a fun style while getting past that mid-length stage. It was her husband’s birthday that day, and he was stoked! To style Leslie, we used R+Co Chiffon and Grid to curl her, then Badlands to give her a more textured, less intentional curl. Grid is great for heat protection where we lightened her hair, and gives a very lightweight but firm hold for whatever heat styling you’re doing.” –Jessi, cool bangs expert



“When Penny came in, she was three months grown out from our previous color– it was grown out almost to her temples, which is usually the point when I have my blondes come in for their retouch. She really wanted a natural, low-maintenance blonde, so I used a variety of creative foiling techniques to achieve this. I used a combination of babylights, backcombing (teasing the hair for a diffused color effect), and free-hand painting. I finished with a gloss that has a neutral tone, and a touch of gold to compliment her natural ashy base. Next I cut her using a straight razor.  We did a one-length bob with internal layering, which creates space in the hair and enhances the hair’s natural texture and movement. This type of cut compliments the lived-in color. To style Penny, I smoothed her hair straight to check the balance of my cut. To blow dry, I used R+Co Chiffon Mousse for a light, airy, soft feel. I used Bumble & bumble Does it All hairspray for light hold and heat protection. Her natural waves were created with a 1.5″ iron and broken up with Bumble Cityswept Finish for shine and texture, then given a final spray of Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray for hold and volume. This style will last my client 3 days! Although this is low- maintenance hair color, clients should take care of their color (between appointments), as this is an investment.  Proper shampoos, conditioners, and styling products play a big part in color longevity.  I also recommend the client comes in at 6 weeks for a gloss.” –Bryan, natural and low-maintenance stylist

nora“Last time Nora was in, we had tipped out her hair (lightening just the ends) and dyed it gray. When she came in this time, the gray had faded out, so we re-bleached it to a yellow, and put Pravana Amethyst on the lightened part. We were just going off of an inspiration photo she brought in of dip-dyed hair. To get the result she wanted, I did freehand hair painting on her ends because she wanted to keep the color down at the bottom. I chose hairpainting because it’s a
more fluid technique. I haven’t been seeing Nora that long, but fantasy colors are pretty high maintenance so I see her every six weeks or so. Jac (another Andersonville stylist) cuts Nora’s hair, but to style her I blew her hair out straight using R+Co’s Park Ave. blow out balm. Then I curled her with a 1″ iron, leaving the ends out of the iron to achieve a flat wave with straight ends. I used Bumble & bumble’s Does it All hairspray to finish. To take care of fantasy color, I recommend not shampooing a whole lot. If you do shampoo, you should use something like Gemstone Color Shampoo from R+Co. Cold water rinses are better (than hot water) of course, and chlorine and sun should be avoided.” –Nate, Our Lady of Fantasy Hair




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