March 7, 2015

SQN Interviews Bruce Fox of Bruce Fox Design

Bruce Fox and SQN owner Laura Boton met in 1993 when he came on board as interior designer (and architect) for the very first Sine Qua Non Hair Design.

_MG_0768Laura had a 20% partner at that time, whose friendship with Bruce enabled this wonderful turn of events. Laura and Bruce have remained close ever since and Bruce has played a huge part in the look and feel of all the SQN locations. We are forever in his debt for sharing his vision and design point of view, and wanted to congratulate him on his new design firm Bruce Fox Design (previously Wells and Fox). Wells and Fox are currently featured in the January issue of Architectural Digest

SQN: Congratulations on your feature in AD! How does it feel to have your work on the cover of such an iconic design publication?

Bruce Fox: I feel humbled and honored. Way back in 1990 while living in Michigan and attending MSU I was interning with a design firm and my supervisor said to me “Bruce.. I love your work, I bet I see you in the pages of Architectural Digest someday.” I held onto those words and they have served as an inspiration for me, I think I need to locate her and give her a big thank you.

SQN: Describe your design aesthetic in 3 words?

Fox: Collected, Layered, Timeless

SQN: What is your favorite building in Chicago and why?

Fox: I have so many it’s not fair to make me pick just one. But if I have to choose I’d have to say the Krause Music Store on North Lincoln Avenue. It’s a historic landmark building by Louis Sullivan. The organic ornamentation is unbelievable. It makes me smile every time I walk past.

SQN: What is the most interesting thing happening in interior design right now?

Fox: I think the most interesting thing happening in design is that my clients are becoming increasingly educated about design. I think programs on television and cable have helped to create a client that is in tune with what they want from their home. I love working with clients that have a vision for how they want to live their lives. There are no rules anymore!

One of Bruce Fox's many stunning interior design feats

One of Bruce Fox’s many stunning interior design feats

SQN: You designed every Sine Qua Non Salon since they began in 1993. Which one is your favorite and why?

Fox: West Town is my favorite for several reasons. When we were designing it SQN was really focused on the brand, so Laura and I worked together to make this location a reflection of that brand. It was really interesting and the outcome is very spot on. The other thing I love in West Town is the use of reclaimed and unusual materials, this location makes a unique statement that is very Sine Qua Non.


The reclaimed wood featured at the West Town location

SQN: What would you say sets SQN apart from other salons in regards to their aesthetic and design?

Fox: SQN never tries to be something it’s not, it’s not fussy or pretentious, it is very Chicago and an amazing reflection of owner Laura Boton’s unique and personal aesthetic. I think that SQN is a combination Zen and Rock & Roll, how many designers get to work on projects as cool as that?

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