January 16, 2015


Paul, a musician and member of Chicago-based band Bora Bora was nominated to participate in the Desperate Measures contest and won a free professional makeover with Sine Qua Non Salon expert stylist, Laura Boton. Paul had been growing his hair out for months. He wanted to keep length, but have a style with more shape.

misd2To get started, we used R+Co’s Atlantis shampoo and conditioner to freshen and moisturize.

Laura then used scissor point cutting techniques to put in a square mod shape.

Using Bumble’s Grooming Creme, Laura was able to add definition, without weighing down his hair.


More about Paul:

SQN: What neighborhood do you live in?

Paul: Rogers Park

SQN: What’s your favorite way to spend your day?
Paul: Cleaning, recording, walking dog, eating food, reading something interesting.

SQN: What is your favorite dive bar?
Paul: Cuneen’s

SQN: What do you do for fun?
Paul: I like to have my dog pull me on my skateboard, write tunes, study Portuguese, look up random things on wikipedia and learn about them.

Submit, share, vote– You could win a free makeover in 3 easy clicks!! Are you in need of a style update? Submit your photo to Sine Qua Non’s website, then share your personalized contest URL on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and encourage your friends to vote. A new winner will be selected to receive a free professional makeover every month!


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